Is it a Good Time to Create a Website?

Is it a Good Time to Create a Website?

We’re now well into the second half of 2019. It has been years since my last post, but in these years, the web has come a long way.

Web design as a technology, created in the past 20 years, has changed the way people interact online. There are a lot of options for creating websites, and that is a great thing. But is it a good time to start creating your own website?


At my job, we have recently rebranded to COBIT. Our web designs have a lot of customization built into them.

I personally think that website designs that are completely custom build on top of a server-side framework like WordPress,, or Drupal are the best option for web designers.

Yes, it is going to take longer for your site to be built. Yes, the design of a custom built website requires a lot of work.

But when you are just creating a web design for one individual website (or business), the cost of having a website built from scratch is drastically cheaper than the design that you would get from a website designer.

Yes, it is going to take a lot of time to create a website that is completely custom built.

But this time is different from your typical web design. You will have to add in much more information. You will have to optimize for performance and load speed. This may require you to understand what makes up a website’s performance and load speed (web server, internet connection, hardware, web app, etc.).

In other words, you will need to make that knowledge worth your time and money.

Is it a Good Time to Create a Website?

This is the question I have been pondering since I posted a blog about my personal web design process back in November 2019.

It is a personal question. It is not a question that everyone should get into the middle of their career and answer, but I’m starting to think about this a lot.

As I sit in a cubicle at work, I’m constantly wondering what to do next. Is it time to design a website? How will I do it? I feel the pressure to start working on my website. But, I’m not.

If I do design a website, what will I write about? Should I use WordPress? Drupal? A custom built web application? What should the layout of the website be? How will I organize my business’s information? How should I create the business pages? How should I host the website?

These questions keep me up at night.

Is it a good time to create a website?

Most business web design looks the same now.

The website design process follows the same steps of the design process you would use for any other project. You start with a design template, then you customize the design and layout. You write a story, add to your website, add graphics, add elements to the website. Then you redesign it (and so on).

This is the process you would use for creating any kind of website, whether it is a blog, a business website, a personal website, or a directory of information about any type of business.

This process is what we learned about in the 2017 Business Software Web Design Study. I mentioned this study, which was completed by 99 web designers, and published in November 2019.

This study showed that the most popular website types were:

  • Business websites – business websites are now the most popular website type with 58.3% of the business web design design projects.
  • Personal websites – about 44% of the business web design projects were personal websites.
  • Directory websites – about 18.2% of the business web design projects were directory websites.
  • Website themes – 12.6% of the business web design projects were website themes.

This is a strong showing for business websites.

If you are a web designer, you should be creating websites. This is what all of us are doing.

It is a great time to create a website.